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Rescue Remedy is now available free of charge 

in Yerushalayim and Tzfat. 

Contact us  for pick up details, instructions or

to sponsor bottles of Rescue Remedy 

You can also Whatsapp us at 516-924-5516 

In Tel Aviv, you can purchase Rescue Remedy

from JD Schloss in Tel Aviv - 03-688-2040. 


A project of Crown Hts Women

for the Safety & Integrity of Israel 

Tamar Adelstein,

Coordinator & Flower Essence Practitioner

The Chanuka Party & Auction Update

Loads of fun and raised over $200!

In addition to offering Rescue Remedy, we plan to make available flower essence sets tailored to to meet more specific needs such as recovery from sexual and physical assault, anger, loss and grief, r”l.

If you'd like to support this on-going effort, Contact us today!




with love and support

from the flower essence garden

Bach Flower Remedies * Rescue Remed *PircheiBach

Dr. Bach's Rescue Remedy is renown for quickly calming down and restoring

a person's emotional and mental equilibrium

when they are in shock, panic stricken, fearful,

distraught, anxious and overwhelmed

as so many are feeling right now, HaShem Yaazor! 

Pirchei Bach are very gentle acting, non-toxic, non-allergenic, fragrance-free and make a safe compliment to use in tandem with other treatments and therapies, often enhancing their efficacy.

Flower Essences drops can be taken under the tongue; mixed into a glass of water or juice; via misting bottle.  *The non-kosher brandy used by companies to preserve their flower essence remedies becomes nullified when prepared using specific dilutions and can be ingested to treat serious illness or minor conditions (HaRav Eliyahu Falk, responsa Machazei Eliyahu 2:51)  Flower Essences can also be applied topically on the pulse points at the wrists, the heart and the temples. And they can be added to the bath or mixed into a carrier cream. 

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Free Crisis Relief and Stress Resilience Program

Live Online Breath-Body-Mind Program

with Hebrew Translation

Dr. Richard P. Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg

Sessions continuing through January

Tuesdays and Thursdays  

in Hebrew

Wednesdays in English

21:00 – 21:45(9pm) in Israel | 2:00 – 2:45 pm EST

To Register:

Course Videos with Drs. Brown & Gerbarg

in English with Hebrew translation

For more information, please contact Shira Gordon at

In the meantime if you have a

Stock Bottle of Rescue Remedy on hand

Here is a simple way to

share it on a wide scale with family and friends:  

 Add 70 drops of Rescue Remedy to a

1 Gallon/3 Liter jug of Spring, Pure or Filtered water

This is your Mother Jug.

Give the jug a shake to evenly distribute

and activate the flower essences.  

Keep the Mother Jug and drinking bottles refrigerated 

this should last for up to a week 

For those who bring an empty water bottle (typically 12 fluid oz/335 mL) fill it from the Mother Jug. 

For those who bring

an already filled bottle of water:

add 2 to 3 drops of your Stock Bottle of Rescue Remedy

to their water bottle.  

Sip slowly until relief is felt. 

Or pour into a sprayer bottle and mist around oneself,

on the pulse points,

and around the room or in the bomb shelters.

This method was developed by Flower Essence maker Sandra Epstein, Araretama Rainforest Essences, in Brazil and used by her and others to treat groups of people during and in the aftermath of catastrophic natural disasters.  Many thanks to Sandra and to Ruth Toledano Altschuler  of Essence Mentoring for their help in preparing these instructions.  Many thanks to Rabbi Reuven Simons for his generous donation to kickstart this effort.

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