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March 29, 2022

7:30 - 9pm 


A Garden Fair

by Helen A. Fussell

I will sing you a song

Of a garden fair,

Wherein were sown seeds

That brought blossoms rare.

Love, joy and kindness,

And hearty good cheer,

Were the seeds that were sown

And flowered here.

The garden fair

Was a little child’s mind,

And the seeds were these thoughts,

Just the very best kind.

Drops from nature that capture and carry harmonizing information, flower essences hold up a mirror to ourselves and our experience.  As we gaze into its looking glass and contemplate who and what we see and where we'd like to be, the effort becomes much less daunting.  Whether flowers growing in the sun or those reposing in the shade, let them travel right beside us on the way to meet our Soulmate.

The workshop includes an introduction to flower essences, flower essence highlights and a hands-on-workshop selecting and mixing your very own personalized flower essence mix.

Looking forward to greeting you,



 for keeping to the path, you truly wish to travel


October 27, 2020

“And Yaakov Halach L’Darko”

Dear Friends,

As we open our Tishrei gifts in the days and months ahead, 

we bring you a selection of flower essences to complement the journey – 

may it be filled with light and good tidings!

Our bi-monthly Flower Essence Florette will keep you posted about upcoming Fall and Winter workshops.

I am available for consultations in person (with masks and social distancing as called for) and via Zoom.

Looking forward to meeting once again,


Western Redbud (Cersis occidentalis)

Last year this absolutely stunning 4 season small tree caught my attention when I was preparing a workshop for Holocaust Survivors I was invited to give at Club Nissim in the Boro Park Y.

Redbud is one of those flower remedies we ought to consider taking whenever we get caught up in the media hype over ageing and our appearance.   This important remedy is produced by the Flower Essence Society.

The Western Redbud, at left, grows in barren, dry and rocky places where there is little water and yet in Springtime produces clusters of outstanding magenta colored flowers that bloom along its bare branches.

As Summer approaches, Redbud’s heart-shaped apple green leaves emerge darkening overtime to a blue-green color.  As the flowers drop, the tree's fruits, long seedpods appear ripening to rich purple-brown hue.

In the Fall, Redbud’s leaves turn warm shades, from buttery yellow to burgundy.

In Winter we are treated to the sight of its pleasing silvery silhouette whose swaying in the wind.

“And the beauty of a woman, with passing years only grows!”

― Audrey Hepburn

Indeed, Redbud's vibrant colors and attractive architecture uncovers our eyes to our own natural beauty, not only on the inside but just as much on the outside throughout the seasons of our lives.  The Redbud flower essence frees us from preoccupation of trying to look "young", go overboard with cosmetics, procedures or fashion trends in order to feel beautiful and attractive.

Eastern Redbud (Cersis canadensis)

Redbud has an eastern cousin, Cersis canadensis, that comes in several varieties including one known as the Forest Pansy. I was able to locate one this summer and planted it in my backyard garden.

Merri Walters, a flower essence maker, (Great Lakes Sacred Essences) produces a Redbud remedy from trees growing in the mountain regions of Kentucky and Virginia. Here too we can discern this Redbud’s essence by its unique signature: pink-heart colored blossoms and heart-shaped leaves

Merri found Eastern Redbud resonates closely with the heart and honest communication - being able to engage whole-heartedly with those we are close to. When spouses or parents and children have grown apart from spoken words, Redbud will help to bridge the gap and reunite them.

Now that we’re all feeling pretty, let’s take look at some of the herbs and flowers that will help us maintain good posture and getting around on foot.

Although my father and mother were blessed with relatively straight posture, I’ve never really been as upright as I wish I were. In my teens I tried ballet and, much to the amusement of my best friends, even joined the track team to build myself up. Back in the day I rode my bike everywhere and could kick up a storm at weddings dancing.  And, early on I became a huge fan of chiropractic too.

But over the years, I’ve found myself becoming less upright, my shoulders rounding and my upper back beset by a bit of kyphosis. Along with problems finding shoes comfortable enough to walk in and some joint pain, I naturally looked to holistic remedies for help.

Solomon’s Seal Root, pictured below, works on a variety of muscular/skeletal problems, adjusting and correcting the tension between joints and ligaments and muscles and tendons whiles moistening and lubricating our shoulder, hip, knee and feet joints in the process.

You can see the Doctrine of Signatures (signs that indicate what the plant has to offer) in the plant’s root which resembles bones and joints, knuckles and vertebrae. For more information see Master Herbalist Matthew Wood at:

I’ve been taking an herbal tincture of Solomon’s Seal Root  for several months now for my feet and slowly but surely am seeing an improvement. I also bought a nice joint salve that has Solomon’s Seal Root and St. Johnswort (for nerve pain) in it and a muscle balm with St. Johnswort and Dandelion that also seem to be helping with flexibility and pain.

By the way, the very best chiropractor I’ve ever gone to is Dr. Bekermus who practiced in Crown Hts for a long time before making Aliyah about 10 years ago. When I was in Yerushalayim last summer, I went to him for adjustments and felt so much better! If you live in Eretz Yisroel he can be reached at 058-400-5547/

Now let us take a stroll into the Flower Essence Garden for a look at Gymea Lily, prepared by Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences.  Perched atop a tall, segmented stem that resembles the spine and its discs, Gymea Lilies are large bright red flowers. 

Gymea Lily flower essence helps a person begin to stand up for themselves and for what they believe in.  Alternatively Gymea Lily makes it easier for those natural born leaders to be able to delegate authority and/or  to take a step back and give others their chance to shine.

A mirror to proper posture, Gymea Lily also helps repair the spine, ligaments, and bones. Adding the flower essence Hibbertia will aid in treating Osteoporosis. Adding the flower essence Crowea will relax taught muscles and tendons. Adding the flower essence Dagger Hakea will help arthritic conditions exacerbated by acute or unresolved feelings of anger and resentment. Anyone of these remedies alone or in combination can be helpful in relieving and resolving the aches and pains that often seem to pop up as we get older as well as for anyone at any age suffering from these problems.

Gymea Lily will also benefit the type of person who uses a lot of drama to get attention from their parents, spouse or family and friends.  Seeking their love as proof of their own existence, rarely do such individuals come away feeling really cared for or reassured.  Gymea Lily gently opens up for them an inner look a what's driving such behaviour and how to make the changes that will garner them the loving relationships they seek.


August 9, 2020

by Tamar Adelstein

The Flower Essence Family from Conception to Birth to Bonding

In this Flower Essence posting, I want to share with you some of the flower essence remedies I recently learned about during a course of study with Ian White, producer of Australian Bush flower essences.

One group that I found particularly intriguing are those for married couples and parents that assist with fertility and conception and then later on for parents bonding with their new-born babies and children as they grow.

Because Australia is a relatively young country - colonization by foreign powers only began in the early 1800’s - the environment has been able to remain more pristine and less tarnished by all kinds of pollution. Australia was also spared from the real and metaphysical influence of war, death and disease that Europe and nearby Asia have both dealt and felt over the centuries; that being said, to its enormous credit, Australia welcomed tens of thousands of Jewish refugees fleeing Russian Pogroms and the survivors who later came to live there after the Holocaust. Ian finds that the plants growing there are very potent, deeply healing and quick acting – perhaps in response to all those who arrived in need of recovering from their shattering experiences with evil and hatred.

A flower’s essence represents the highest concentration of a plant’s life-force or Soul, as it were. Flower essences have a  Soul mission to heal and as such, HaShem has imbued them with the ability to, as flower essence maker David Dalton of Delta Gardens has written: "give clear pictures of what is required for health and happiness by the way they impact the person taking the essence."

She Oak, an Australian Bush essence, is an excellent flower essence for redressing the emotional component that may lie behind infertility. Growing in wetlands along slow flowing streams, the plant’s flowers resemble the reproductive organs, signaling an affinity with a woman’s menstrual cycle, fertility, conception, post-partum, and menopause Unresolved sadness and watery emotions in need of resolution may underly infertility or, paradoxically indicate a need for more hydration in the uterus. A protocol using She Oak will help remedy these problems.

Where, G-d Forbid, a person is a victim of sexual abuse and, as a result, dating, marriage, intimacy and conception are difficult, flower essences from Australian Bush like the  Fringed Violet at left

and the Wisteria specifically for women 

and this Flannel Flower for men will help victims release their trauma and become comfortable once again with trust and contact.

Victims will also find succor from a group of flower essences prepared by Cynthia Kemp-Scherer of Desert Alchemy. Even reading through her selections can be immensely comforting.

Under her formula, Unlocking Sexual Grace, she writes:

“When sexual abuse occurs, there is no boundary between victim and perpetrator. The abuser is breaking a taboo. Their deep inner shame is felt by the victim of their abuse and most often personalized. The biggest success in recovery is recognizing this shame, transmuting it and sending it back to where it came from.”

Desert Alchemy's Bougainvillea is one of the essences, that helps a person release their trauma and find peace and ease through inward stillness and non-reactivity. This flower essence helps a victim accept their grief and allow sadness to be felt without suffering.

The stunning Mariposa Lily flower essence made by Flower Essence Society enhances the bond between mother and child – at birth or whenever friction may be present between a mother and her child(ren). Mariposa Lily also nurtures a girl or woman’s “inner child” when the bond with her mother was missing or weak.

This Australian Bush flower essence, Bottlebrush, will help with maternal bonding.  We can see it Doctrine of Signature by its baby bottle brush shape and by the baby-skin soft feel of its blossom.

Bottlebrush's shape also hints that when past experiences interfere with finding or giving love to our children, its flower essence will help to brush away the painful parts of our past while at the same time gently whisk in the wisdom we have gained from them.

Finally, I’d like to present Australian Bush’s Red Helmet Orchid .

Earlier this month Ian introduced his newest combination remedy called Men’s Essence of which Red Helmut Orchid plays an important role. This tiny, unusual looking flower speaks to and strengthens the bond between fathers and sons primarily but can also be helpful to daughters.  Red Helmut Orchid can also bring resolution to a man’s relationship with his own father especially if his father  was aloof, overly strict or permissive or unfortunately missing from the home.

Citing research indicating the importance of fathers being particularly present and involved with their kids between the ages of four and seven, Dear old Dad most definitely helps them establish self-esteem, self-discipline which in turn foster Ahavas and Yiras Shamayim.

Having a loving involved father as well as properly trained teachers lessen the chances for discontentment, failure and rebelliousness.

Red Helmet Orchid’s signature can be seen in the helmet-shaped leaf shielding the lily reflecting both a father’s protection as well as his role in giving his children a life-time foundation to fall back on. To learn more about Red Helmet Orchid:

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