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With Winter’s frost upon us

what better time than now to introduce you to my favorite flower essence family:


The pansy was once thought of as a wildflower weed. Growing throughout many parts of Europe, it was eventually cultivated by English gardeners in the early 1800’s. In the herbal and flower essence world there are actually three versions of this viola plant used: The Viola odorata or violet, the Viola tricolor or heartsease and finally, the Viola x wittrockiana or pansy. Herbally and homeopathically the three share a common theme in treating the heart-lung area, easing colds and coughs and soothing the heart.

As a flower essence, Violet’s gesture - quaint little flowers growing quietly among the forest floor or in the garden shaded by other flowers’ larger leaves, informs us that it is beneficial for those people who are very sweet, delicate, and profoundly shy. Timid-hearted and fragile, they long to share their gifts and join in with others but are too shy to do so, making them seem like they are aloof and reserved while, in fact, they feel quite lonely.

Violet helps them to develop trust, ease and openness in the company of others.

Heartsease eases hurt feelings. Its comforting action helps one to forgive, let-go and move on to opening their heart and trusting again. Don’t their bright colors and “face” just make you want to smile?

Pansy is a great flower essence to take in the winter since it promotes hearty robust energy and builds up resistance when feeling low. The pansy presents as a five petaled bright red and like the other pansies prefers flowering during the cooler seasons. It blooms up until the late spring when warm weather’s heat puts its flowers to bed until the fall - an indication its medicinal qualities will keep us strong and healthy in the wintertime!

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