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May 24, 2020

As we curve along the Coronavirus causeway, flower essences can help us navigate the twists and turns! 

What follows are some of my selections, readers may want to consider giving a try.


“Courage is simply the judgement that something else is more important than fear”
– Cynthia Scherer, master flower essence maker at Desert Alchemy

Aspen helps us overcome the sense of apprehension spinning around Coronavirus either now or in the future when restrictions are lifted now or over the much hyped “second wave”. Flowering tree essences are grounding and bring us back to earth to wave off the flights of fear we feel mirrored by the way Aspen leaves tremble in the wind. Aspens’ spring flowers bud outward and then point down as if seeking the ordinary. Prepared by Dr. Bach’s boiling method, the blossoms emit a strong, sweet, aromatic scent and a plum colored tincture that is warmingand calming.

Aspen helps us overcome the sense of apprehension spinning around Coronavirus either now or in the future when restrictions are lifted now or over the much hyped “second wave”. Flowering tree essences are grounding and bring us back to earth to wave off the flights of fear we feel mirrored by the way Aspen leaves tremble in the wind. Aspens’ spring flowers bud outward and then point down as if seeking the ordinary. Prepared by Dr. Bach’s boiling method, the blossoms emit a strong, sweet, aromatic scent and a plum colored tincture that is warmingand calming.

Strawberry Cactus, Desert Alchemy - DA, flower essence – the remedy for those of us stuck in “what if” worries. The bright pink petals look as if they are dancing a signal to relax, be b’simcha and appreciate the present instead of always mentally planning for disasters or difficulties. 

Mimulus more specifically addresses the fear in our daily interactions.

Rock Rose is for when the fear reaches the level of panic - which for some, especially if they’ve had traumatic experiences before with sickness or death. 

Both Mimulus and Rock Rose flowers are intense yellows that radiate sun-like forces of courage for us to draw on. All these flower point to the reassurance that HaShem is watching over us giving us these gifts to stand strong in the midst of upsetting and uncertain times.

Red Clover, from Flower Essence Society - FES, restores our ability to think straight, remain calm and in control, and ready to take action when mass hysteria threatens or has already overwhelmed us. In the Coronavirus situation, should help keep things in perspective but G-d Forbid, Red Clover would be immensely helpful to instill calm when terrorism or war, G-d Forbid, strikes. 

Ian White, of Australian Bush Flower Essences, has a remedy called Madagascar Essence that carries a similar theme but takes it in a direction that dispels the popular notions limiting health and wellbeing, in particular the one that the years past Middle Age are an automatic recipe for doom! 
Writes Ian:
“Humanity has forgotten, and needs to be reminded, that living 70 years is only half of man’s natural life cycle.” Didn’t the Rebbe say something to the effect on his 70th or 80th birthday about just getting started to really accomplish great things!

Red Chestnut is especially helpful to those wives, mothers and daughters who are the primary caretakers when illness arises and who worry themselves sick over the health and welfare of our families, perhaps also smothering them in the act as well. Red Chestnut’s bright red flowers are like a stop sign that says: Relax, take a deep breath, and render your care with a Think Good and it will be Good outlook. 

Elm for feeling overwhelmed by it all, feeling unequal to the challenges we’re facing now or anticipating. Elm restores confidence, alluded to by not only its tall, stately appearance but also by its soft pink flowers that blossom in March glowing in the early Spring sunlight to be used to rewarm the heart’s forces of strength and determination.


Starring at the top of the list are flowers from the Viola family. Its Pansies and Violets are renown for supporting and strengthening the immune system, heart, and lungs.

David Dalton of Delta Gardens has devoted significant time to research on pansies treating the energetic symptoms of various viruses. I made up his suggested Pansy Plu-20 weeks ago and take it in the morning and before bed for a good boost to the immune system.

Alaskan Essences Guardian remedy helps us create a powerful force-field of protection in the aura. This is helpful when the energies around us are chaotic. This also may be very helpful in shielding against the effects of 5G and other electronic devices that may be a factor in raising susceptibility to respiratory illnesses.

Guardian includes Yarrow which has a long herbal tradition of staunching wounds and astringing or toning up circulation. As a flower essence, Yarrow shores up our personal boundaries from toxic influences in our lives – whether from past or present experiences with the people in our lives or from sensitives to allergies or our environment.

Alaskan’s Purification remedy works like its name, clearing and purifying our environment from stagnant, unwanted energy and fostering a feeling of revitalization and renewal.

It includes:

Fireweed, the first flower that will regrow in the aftermath of a forest fire. It breaks up and moves out old energy patterns and initiates revitalization and renewal

Portage Glacier environmental essence is a powerful catalyst for cleansing and purifying toxic or polluted environments.

Another thought-provoking remedy from Alaskan Essences is Northern Coral Root that teaches us how to transform and recycle energetic toxins and debris back into light. Toxic energy is simply energy that has served its purpose and needs to be released to its next logical phase of evolution. Non-serving energy in search of a new purpose. Like the final step in teshuva where our aveiros become mitzvos.

Many of us hold on to toxic emotions and thoughts that can harm our health. This essence reminds us that everything is Light; by allowing all distorted energy to return to its original, Divine pattern, we are just finishing the co-creative cycle.

Flowering Currant, a Harebell remedy, may prove helpful during recovery from Coronavirus as it helps to ease away tension and tightness in the lung area.

And, finally, Lungwort (Harebell) helps restore peaceful rhythms to breathing, especially when we haven’t felt “at ease” mentally and emotionally and our breathing has felt restricted. Dr. Richard Brown, an eminent integrative psychiatrist offers important information about how to breathe on his website:


The Impatiens flower is, you guessed it, helpful for developing patience! Growing along the banks of gently flowing streams and rivers, this mauve colored flower dangles and sways in the breeze - indicating that its use is for learning how to relax and go with the flow, especially when things seem to be dragging on indefinitely, keeping us from the routine we used to follow or want to get back to. Impatiens helps us to “tolerate” others in our lives who simply can not or don’t want to move as quickly (or rush?) as we do!

Bluebell (Harebell), is great for cooling down hot tempers and restoring a joyous outlook on life. Great remedy for when the fighting between kids spins out of control. Just gazing at a Bluebell meadow is calming.

Close quarters may call for a dose of Calendula/Marigold (FES) – the flower for good communication. Herbally, Calendula can be effective in treating viruses and bacterial infections. As a flower essence, helps to dissipate argumentative tendencies. Calendula brings needed warmth to expression and improves listening skills and receptivity.

Zinnia (FES) and White Desert Zinnia (Desert Alchemy) restore our sense of humour and remind us not to take ourselves too seriously; to remain open to other people’s opinions without being offended. A dash of laughter and song are often the best remedy in any situation.


My favorite: Kindergarden a mix of flower essences from Flower Essence Society is great for kids and not to mention us adults too! Soothes feelings and nourishes each child’s special radiance. Kindergarden includes Chicory for negative attention seeking, helping a child to feel secure and content within; Mariposa Lily to help strengthen the ties that bind a mother and her children together; and Buttercup to boost a child’s self-esteem.

Quince (FES) – helps Mom and Dad strike just the right balance between discipline and flexibility.

Indian Pink (FES) – this bright red flower is all about staying centered and focused in the midst of managing a myriad activities from caring for and feeding the family to keeping the house in order to working at home to making time for yourself – great for Moms. But Dads working at home may find this helps them keep to a schedule.


With a bit of creative thinking, the Coronavirus Pause can become the impetus for new opportunities and personal growth. Flower essences help us become more aware and zero in on where we are, where we’d like to be and how to get there.

Wild Oat – the Wild Oat stalks bounce from side to side in the wind as if seeking to orient themselves in a direction best suited for to grow, signaling how we too can align ourselves career-wise in work that is both profitable and fulfilling. Especially helpful to the person who tends to go from one job to another.

Explorer’s Gentian (FES) - like its cousin Dr. Bach’s Gentian, that helps a person spring back after disappointments or unexpected circumstances, this flower essence gives us the wherewithal to transform a crisis and loss into new opportunities.

Indian Paintbrush – a tall upright plant topped with fiery red flowers that resemble paintbrushes, this flower essence rouses our vital forces for creative work.

Dyssodia (Desert Alchemy) – the “Ah ha!” remedy that brings insight to a particular issue or problem. Helps us see the details in the big picture and the big picture in the details.

Shasta Daisy (FES) –stimulates creative thinking bringing the parts of an idea into its meaningful whole.

Tansy (FES) – awakens us to understanding why we procrastinate.

Hedgehog Cactus (Desert Alchemy) & Forsythia (Harebell) – these two flower essences make us better aware of how we are using our time and energy. They help us get our act together with eating, sleeping, working, learning and down-time.

Blackberry (FES) – this is the Maaseh Hu HaIkar remedy as can be seen by the way it regenerates itself after being cut or damaged, spreading vigorously about; Blackberry takes the flash of inspiration down into manifestation


Star of Bethlehem – these sparkling stars of the meadow that open in the sun soothe and comfort, gently releasing pain and sorrow from fresh losses or those that linger deeply within, despite the passage of time.

Hawthorn (Harebell) – when sorrow, despair, loss, and sadness weigh heavily on our hearts, this flower messages “this too shall pass” leaving us feeling as if a great weight has been lifted away.

White Chestnut helps to quiet our minds and relax mental tension; an excellent remedy for the kind of insomnia that keeps us up at night repeating our thoughts and worries over and over like a broken record.

Mariposa Lily (FES) sends a nurturing motherly hug in times of distress.

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