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Magenta Self-Healer

People suffering from cancer may want to consider trying Magenta Self-Healer. This remedy, prepared by Flower Essence Society, blends several flower essences, including Self Heal, with Helichrysum essential oil to assist with tuning into personal reservoirs for one’s recovery and helps to foster a deeper understanding of illness or trauma.

Those clients suffering from cancer (different kinds at different stages) I recommended it to, in misting form, all reported finding quick relief from their pain. All enjoyed renewed flexibility and strength for up to five hours at a time. Naturally, feeling better physically lifted their spirits and outlook. Considering the high cost of and often troubling side-effects that come with pain medication, Magenta Self-Healer, like all flower essences, is a gentle Complimentary option worth trying. It is non-toxic, nonallergenic, has no side-effects and is safe to use in conjunction with other treatments.

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