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The Flower Remedies 

With Chassidic Roots

​Tamar Adelstein

Flower Essence Practitioner

Welcome to the beautiful ​world of Flower Essences! Flower essences are liquid herbal infusions made from an array of select spring blossoms.


Dr. Edward Bach, who developed the flower essence system for healing, was an accomplished physician, immunologist, and homeopath practicing medicine in the 1920s and ’30s. An early pioneer in understanding the role emotions play in wellness and recovery, he sought a new system for healing that would use only the "remedies of the field."


Dr. Bach soon discovered that flowers carry energetic imprints mirroring and matching the range of human (and animal and even plant) emotion. Resonant and positively charged, flower essences restore well-being and promote an optimistic outlook that, in turn, opens channels for emotional growth and new opportunities!


Dr. Bach’s Rescue Remedy is well-known for its effectiveness in quickly restoring calm in a crisis. Other individual and combination essences have proven successful in alleviating chronic stress and conditions of anxiety, fear, and anger.  


Flower essences also offer support at all stages of our Life Biography from dating and marriage to pregnancy and birth to raising a healthy family, schooling, career and creativity, and fianally as we age.


For victims of terror and crime, Steve Johnson, z"l, a master flower essence maker, has written that "flower essences are often the missing piece in trauma recovery; an important piece to the puzzle when trauma continues to impact and linger despite the passage of time."  


Flower essences can also help bring relief, resolution, and renewal to Holocaust survivors and their children. Safe, gentle, and easy to use, flower essences are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and fragrance-free.


They have been found to enhance the efficacy of coinciding treatments and therapeutic interventions. Flower essences may be taken sublingually, topically at the pulse points or via misting.


Your first flower essence consultation will run about 2 hours long; you will fill out a general questionnaire, and then we sit down to discuss your story and the benefits of flower essences for you. About 2 days later, your remedy will be ready for pickup.


We meet again 2 weeks later to assess how the remedy has been working and then depending on the circumstances; we will meet a third time 3 to 4 weeks later and a fourth time about 2 months later.


Generally, by the end of a three-month period, you will find the flower essences have brought you the relief and resolution of the issues you came in for.  At that time, you can choose to refill your remedy, move on to other issues with flower essences, or come back whenever you feel the need.


I was trained in 2003-2004 by Alice Van Camp, a graduate of the Bach Flower Institute and the Flower Essence Society (FES).  I have taken Level One and Two flower essence courses from Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences as well as courses from David Dalton of Delta Gardens Flower Essences.  I was certified to practice in November 2004, and I continue to update my knowledge and understanding of flower essences by periodically meeting with Ms. Van Camp, reading case studies from the different makers of flower essences and by attending flower essence classes and conferences.

I consult with HaRav Rephoel Szmerla of Lakewood, author of Alternative Medicine in Halacha in which he follows the opinion of HaRav Eliyahu Falk that:  The non-kosher brandy used by companies to preserve their flower essence remedies becomes nullified when prepared using specific dilutions and can be ingested to treat serious illness or minor conditions (HaRav Eliyahu Falk, responsa Machazei Eliyahu 2:51)  


With the opening of my practice in 2005, my goal has been to bring the healing gift of flower essences to the Jewish community-at-large. As my understanding of flower essences deepens, I see a unique role they can play in supporting the personal and spiritual growth that comes from the study of Torah and Chabad Chassidus which is why I like to call flower essences the flowers with Chassidic roots.


***Please note that the Flower Essence System for healing is not a substitute for conventional care or treatment. They should not be used to treat a serious condition without prior consultation with a qualified healthcare professional.



$50 per consultation  

there are usually four sessions 

scheduled over 3 months during flower essence treatment

 $10 per 1oz flower essence remedy

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