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Love and Support from the Flower Essence Garden

The Five Flowers in Rescue Remedy


Rock Rose 

Delicate crumpled golden yellow petals

hang their heads down when it rains

but turn up to embrace the sun

as soon as it comes out

Rock Rose imparts sun-like forces of courage to us in the face of terror


When this flower's seeds are ripe,

they pop and fly forward just like the way when we're feeling tense, on edge, angry, impatient and restless from 

trying circumstances

or this might be our temperament!

Yet in blossom, Impatiens'

pink dangling flowers

swaying gently in the wind model for us

how to be at ease

and cope calmly and patiently 

cherry plum t.jpg

Cherry Plum 

Heralding the hope of Spring,

Cherry Plum tree flowers are a delight to behold after months of Winter's bare branches and bitter cold and stormy weather  

Stunning masses of pure white blossoms with their soft pink stamens

emerge through spring-green leaves

under bright and sunny skies

When we feel like we're losing our minds, hysterical and ready to explode from the upheaval and frustration,

Cherry Plum restores our composure helping us to carry on at peace and in control




Creamy white tufted flowers creep and climb over hedges and small trees, hanging and swaying in the breeze

For shock and for when

the tension of terror and war

leaves us disoriented, feeling spaced out

 like we're floating away

Clematis brings us back to earth, 

grounding us with a strong hold on life

star of bais lechem.jpg

Star of Bais Lechem

Sprouting from bulbs buried

beneath the surface of the earth,

these sparking stars of the meadow with their golden centers

open in the sun

gently releasing trauma and grief

to  soothe our pain 

Star of Bais Lechem brings

succor and comfort when trauma continues to linger deeply within, despite the passage of time

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Simcha Poretz Geder! 

 Joy/Inner Peace/Resilience 

break through all the boundaries!


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