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November 30, 2023

Kinder Garden Flower Drops 

a child's bouquet of flower essences to soothe feelings and nourish radiance

This marvelous combination of flower essnces is made by the Flower Essence Society.

We've used the Kinder Garden remedy for years whenever the the little tykes and up are having a bad day (and making sure everyone around them knows it too!)  A few drops on the pulse points or even on top of the head works wonders in a short period of time, restoring their sunny smile and pleasant nature.  

Made up of 7 different flower essences, let us look at two of them that may add to children's sense of security and calm as the war continues on in Israel and in Chutz L'Aretz where anti-Semitism is rearing it ugly head.

Angelica is an aromatic plant with a sweet smell and taste;

its star-shaped flowers grow in clusters 

that seem to be searching for somethng in all directions.

Angelica comes with a long folklore and medicinal history as

a protective and warming herb.

Prepared as a flower essence, Angelica, indeed, protects against hardened and feeling cut off spiritually in the face of difficult and traumatic situations. 

Chamomile is well-known for treating the emotional upset we especially feel in our stomach. Chamomile soothes and clams, releasing anxiety and fear;

its sunny-yellow center fosters a serene and sunny disposition.


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