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Chanuka Party & Auction




While our enemies launch rockets of hate and violence against us,

we launch programs of Ahavas Yisroel and Achdus!

Our contribution has been the Rescue Remedy Project, Staying Calm and Collected, that brings, free of charge, Dr. Bach's renown combination of flower essences known as Rescue Remedy or Pirchei Bach in Israel.  Clik Staying Calm and Collected and Love and Support from the Flower Essence Garden

Our pick-up locations are in Yerushalayim and in Tzfat - where over 100 bottles have been given out.  But additional funds are needed to keep the project going and to cover the cost for assembling flower essence kits addressing trauma and recovery to be made available to anyone in need. 


Our costs include purchasing the flower essences - from $10 - $20 per 1oz bottle; 1/4oz and 1oz pkg of 10 dispenser dropper bottles - from $7  - $10; and some delivery charges.  Drops from a 1oz bottle of Rescue Remedy are used to prepare individual treatment bottles or in the method described on the Staying Calm and Collected page; relatively inexpensive, just a few drops of Rescue Remedy and other more personalized flower essences can be given out to many people at one time.

So, please join us this Wednesday night, December 13th, the 7th night of Chanuka, Rosh Chodesh Teves, for a grand party and auction with Miriam Friedfertig our marvelous MC for the night!  

Tickets are $10.  Auction bidding separate. 

Auction Basket includes:

A consultation with popular lactation specialist and

master herbalist and homeopath Sara Chana Silvlerstein!

Happy Camper Flowers for Young and Old! 

Flower Essence Gift Pack from

Tamar Adelstein, Flower Essence Practitioner 

Cozy up this winter with tea and cookies and best selling 

local author Miriam Paltiel Nevel's, z"l, poignant memoirs

Why I Didn't Cry When Comrade Stalin Died

Zaide: Memories of Reb Yorsroel Neveler and My Childhood

generously donated by her daughter Rishe Deitsch

and other surprises to be announced!

To RSVP: Whatsapp us @ 516-924-5516 or clik the RSVP page.

Looking forward to greeting you,


We are also proud to suport Women in Green's seed planting project in Gaza!





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