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Let the Sun Shine In!

Hornbeam – For Everyday Enthusiasm - Bach

flowering only every few years, Hornbeam’s green-gold blossoms display

a magnificent brightness and vitality

Hornbeam helps those who have become mentally weary,

cannot shake themselves into action or get out of bed, 

galvanizing them back into life and living.

Daffodil – For Winter Doldrums – Harebell

bright yellow trumpets, lightly scented

For banishing the Winter Blues and Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

Daffodil helps to prevent a tired, low patch from spiraling into something worse. 

Daffodil opens the mind to lighter and brighter energies.

Lemon: For Sharp Mental Forces – Flower Essence Society

an evergreen tree with handsome foliage  and fragrant flowers and lemon-yellow fruit

Just as the lemon tree embraces contrasting qualities: an expansive fragrant scent and tart taste, 

so too does its essence fuse the breadth of imagination and artistry with sharp mental forces.

Dyssodia – For Revelation - Desert Alchemy

a yellow daisy that flowers in the desert from March to October

despite the dry and intense heat

This is the Ah ha! remedy that helps to clarify, assimilate, and integrate information,

balancing a broad perspective with detail and specificity

as well as

broadening a too narrow view to be able to see the bigger picture. 

Whether we find oursleves stymied by new (or old) information or a personal dilemma,

Dysosodia's sunny yellow flowers brings about that flash of understanding we've been looking for!

Confidence Mix - featuring Tormentil - Harebell

a cheerful moorland plant with tiny, bright yellow four petalled flowers

For confidence in the face of critique and disappointment.

Tormentil helps us bounce back from and counter negative beliefs

such as “this always happens to me” or “I can’t do anything right”

by instilling faith in ourselves and ability.

Broom - For Will - Harebell

a garden bush with bright golden yellow flowers

This is the “yes you can” remedy!

Supports us when we need to make a new start and/or keep going until we reach our goals.

Meadow Buttercup – For Hakoras HaTov - Harebell

a golden yellow flower brightening meadows and pasture land

This Buttercup (Rannunculus acris) is the buttercup we recall from childhood,

holding it under our chin and saying,

If it shines, we are happy!  

Buttercup reminds us to value and appreciate the blessings in our lives.

Buttercup (Rannunculus occidentalis) - FES

For recognizing that fame and acclaim are not the only barometers of success and self-worth.  T

this Buttercup expands on appreciating the gift of simplicity;

and validates the person, who by nature, prefers a quiet and contained setting.

A wonderful support to those who may feel "less than" because of their special circumstances.

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