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Flower essences are liquid herbal infusions made from flowering plants and trees.   Resonant and positively charged, flower essences promote an optimistic outlook that, in turn, opens channels for emotional and personal growth and new opportunities!

Flower Essences can help strengthen the bonds of love with our children along with achieving the Tiferes/balance between love and common-sense discipline raising them.  

Flower essences can do wonders for our kinderlach's middos, confidence and self-awarness.  Academically, flower essences can help with attention and learning challenges and bolster different learning styles and strengths.  


For teens who are struggling in one way or another, flower essences offer that "second" chance to help them find their way and conncect with a wholesome, healthy and happier path.  

Flower essences are gentle, easy to take and are safe for all ages to use.  They are non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-addictive and are fragrance-free. Used in tandem with other treatments and therapies, flower essences often advance and enhance their efficacy.

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See you in the garden!


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