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Join me for an

Aseres Y'Mei Teshuvah Flower Essence Workshop for Women

Making Amends, Finding a Way to Forgive

hey, somebody has to say they're sorry!

Tuesday,  September 19, 2023

8pm |$10 |Light Refreshments

* Lecture * Remedies from the Flower Essence Garden

stewing in resentment or embarrassed to say you're sorry?

Select and Bottle your very own flower essences for a Sweet New Year!

1714 President Street in Crown Height

To Register clik the RSVP page 

or Call 718-774-0914

The Flower Essence Florette

Monthly Bouquets from the Flower Essence Garden

click The Flower Essence Florette  to read


Tamar Adelstein, hey, that's me, is a certified Flower Essence Practitioner.   

In the field for nearly fifteen years,  my home office is located at 1714 President Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.  

My flower essence remedies are prepared from a number of different flower essence gardens including Dr. Bach, Healing Herbs, FES, Australian Bush, Delta Gardens, Alaskan Flower Essences, 

Desert Alchemy, and Harebell among others. 

For an introduction to Flower Essences, click Flower Essence Therapy of Crown Heights.



To book a Flower Essence consultation, click Contact or call me at 718-774-0914.  

For a calendar of my upcoming Flower Essence workshops, click Flower Essence Arts.  

Workshops cover topics like Shidduchim, Raising happy families, Health and Wellness, and Trauma.



As you can see, this is a very busy website! 

Welcome to The Juneberry Tree Art Studio. 

The Juneberry Tree is a fine art exhibition space 

hosting solo and group artworks from emerging Jewish artists.  

The gallery space is perfect for photo shoots, private and public showings and Fine Art Giclee print exhibitions.  

Stay tuned for our upcoming Spring and Summer events!

click The Juneberry Tree Art Studio above and scroll through the page for information about 

the gallery, hours and location and submissions.


Looking forward to greeting you,


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